The sky was pregnant with the rain, And it thundered aloud as a sign of life. As I watch under the grey skies imagining the heavens in labour, I trembled in excitement like a young mother. My joy is in the rain like the joy of a mother in her newborn. A few drops fell […]



We see him looking at maps, We think that he’s a traveller But he seems a little tense, For someone on a new discover. We see him looking at maps, We think that he’s a geographer. But he seems a little clueless, For an expert who studies borders. We see him looking at maps, We […]

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Nothing could stop.

He finally met the one. But she belonged to a different caste. As he sits on a white horse tonight, Leading a vacant baraat, Nothing could stop him. Six young ladies, Out on February fourteenth without a date. As they leave the cafe, arm in arm, Their friendship and laughter bold, Nothing could stop them. […]

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“I learned that there are people who need to die a little so they could learn how to save.” Grunting and struggling, working our asses off. That’s what Indian students do when you want to stand above. Grunting and struggling, though my reasons aren’t theirs, I only wanted to make my bullies stop their tease […]


Have you loved somebody?

A long time ago someone asked me the question, “Have you loved somebody?”, and I remember it didn’t take much time before my mind became catatonic. However, I would usually give an immediate, automated answer entirely depending on my relationship with the person questioning. I guess I did that so I would not panic; calmly […]

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i have loved you so bravely; that when I hit the ground i was already dead to feel any pain at all. i have loved you so deeply; that when they exhume my soul from the depths of your universe they found nothing but the sands and stardust of a place that has existed and […]

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