I dream of meeting you soon so I don’t regret all the meetings I’ve made till now. I dream of telling you my secrets hoping you’d forgive me for all the secrets I let out. I dream of telling you my dreams and never to feel alone again, don’t guide, stay beside me please. I […]

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Growing pains

I have a stupid heart And a more stupid brain, That even the ones that have No intention to hurt me, Hurt me. I have to stop being a child now. That six year old child that Doesn’t expect anything from a man, But punishes herself for his mistake. And the first step is Staying […]

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69 in 29

No one in the concourse, Quietly sleeping, the sick. Pull my hand into the dark. Sheets and towels, piled in thick. Knock them over, scatter. Tear my clothes, into morsel. As I drop, hit my back, shatter Into a liquid, erotic quarrel. Sink your lips into my neck, Like an anchor into a sea. As […]

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love at first insight.

There is a young man I know Before we even met. Because he’s the friend I love, The one I have till death. I saw him on a spring day, We talked when it would rain. We met on a red Christmas play. Love at first insight, it was plain. Seeing old in a different […]

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I took the pen lying on the ground, I was six, no one around. I drew the pattern on the wall, Barely speaking, but I crawled, As he pushed me into a fall, I lost a part, there’s no more all. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. These patterns. I draw them. Round and round and round and round. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. […]

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Bittersweet Dream

I dreamt that we danced behind curtains, And that he gave each girl a coupon to his heart. He then met me in the kitchen sink after the kind nurse left, Handed me a packet of coupons and told me to use them wisely. I hugged him so tightly and didn’t want to let him […]

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I Met The Monster That Saved Me.

Pines after pines, Against clear blue sky. I stretch my neck to dip my tongue in fake heavens. The wind whispers his name, To my unaware ears, Ignorant desire, Unprepared heart. Thus inattention drove me to a dark green house, By the side of the road most travelled. I enter like a fly into destiny’s […]

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