An Ode to the Beard

To the good men in my life and everywhere around the world, that looks good anyway with a beard or none. Thank you for always choosing to respect and protect.     My head lays on his shoulder, like ritual, I glance upwards trying to catch the light. I see the uneven margin of his stubble […]

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He stares at the rattling speed of metal For the seventy-sixth time that day Like every day, while his father fettle Off the goddesses’ hips, the obese clay. For one who has been born of scandalous clangour Between philandering train wheels and whorish metal rails, One would conclude he grew tired of the trite rumour […]

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I look in the mirror, And get into a fight. Looking at me someone old. Looking at her someone right. Or am I just too assured About what I have become. Forgetting the past  Was how it all began. We are all somebody’s villain, Like we are all somebody’s friend. There’s nothing good about being […]

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I’m too happy, I cannot write. The cost of clout art Is a soul too blithe. Or should I derive? It is easier  To be bluish together, Than to be serene Forever. In glad we question, “Besides?” In poverty of soul We unite in rhyme.

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To destroy anything, you have to make it your own. Counting the purple lights on the strings of wire above her, Her body lies on a mattress stained with someone else’s period blood. Her eyes close over her mind like dingy, skin-deep shutters, As the plangent music of the world slowly fades out.   I […]

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I. Taps closed, door opens, Wet tiptoes up wooden stairs That seem to have untold stories, forbidden In their soft creaks and polished flair. Against a mountain looming outside the window, Tousled hair covered sight of he who seem to stoop perversely into their love tryst. Inescapably, he dragged his eyes beyond and low To […]

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